Termite Control in & near San Bernardino, CA

Termite Control in & near San Bernardino


These tiny insects are small wood-eating creatures with a voracious appetite. If given enough time, these bugs will quickly chew through your home’s foundation and cause all sorts of expensive structural problems.


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You Need Termite Control? Eradicate These Winged Wood Eaters for Good!


There are various types of termites, but the workers of the species are the most easily identified with their creamy outer shells, six legs, and winged bodies.

Many people misidentify the insects for flying ants, as the two can look similar. Flying ants, however, won’t eat the wood in and around your home or business.


Spring Termite Control in & near San Bernardino, CA


These lumber munchers tend to eat and thrive in the months of March and April. It is during these times that you are most likely to notice droppings or sightings of the insects.

The good news is that we offer free home pest inspections. Let us put your worries to rest if you feel there is an infestation and you want it eradicated fast.

Kinds of Termite Control

different types of termites

– Drywood Removal

This variant of the species likes to live within the wood structures inside and outside your home. They don’t require much moisture and tend to live in smaller colonies.


You can identify a drywood infestation by droppings, which are characterized as looking like sand or sawdust.

– Subterranean Removal

Subterranean termites cause the most damage out of any other species of the insect in the United States. The insects require significant moisture, which they get from soil and damp sections of wood. As the name implies, the subterranean variant of the species tend to nest underground and live in the soil. Although, they can live above ground just fine, especially when there’s plenty of moisture to help them thrive. In most cases, colonies of subterranean termites tend to be very large.


You can identify a subterranean infestation by the appearance of mud tubes on the outside walls of your home or on the inside walls of your crawl space.

– Dampwood Removal

Dampwood termites are larger than their subterranean counterparts and are characterized by their larger heads and mandibles.


They are attracted to water-damaged wood that is stored or found at ground level. Examples include soggy lumber, fallen logs or tree branches.


  • Unlike the mud tubes built by subterranean termites, this variation of the species covers up its entries with its own fecal matter. You may not even notice the entry holes, but you can tell these insects by their small, white, and winged appearance. The wood they infest tends to have significant levels of moisture, which can lead to fungus, wood decay, and moisture leaks within your home.
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How Termites Infest & Damage Your Building’s Infrastructure

Often dubbed the “silent destroyers,” the wood consuming insects have a penchant for causing structural damage to buildings and homes. Unfortunately, it’s only when you find damage to your home that most infestations are detected.


If you notice swarms of winged insects around your home or business, cracked or bubbled paint, hollow wood, or mud tubes, you probably have an infestation.


Have Termites? You Need Fast & Through Termite Control and Removal


These tiny insects can swarm into colonies that consist of millions or even tens of millions of tiny insects. For that reason, it is important to be proactive the moment you see the signs that an infestation exists. If notice sawdust-like droppings, mud tubes, or tiny winged insects swarming around damp or dry wood, or inside the soil, call us right away.


At Exile Termite and Pest Control, we look forward to serving you. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, licensed, and insured. They can arrive on your property for one-time termite removal services or for monthly or quarterly termite removal services, whichever you prefer. With fast response times and the ability to eradicate your pest problems for good, your choice should be clear.


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