Rodent Control and Rat Removal in & near San Bernardino, CA

Have you seen a rodent scurrying across your floor? Do you hear gnawing sounds through your walls at night? You could have an infestation of mice or rats.


Both types of rodents have been pestering humans since the dawn of civilization. Tiny mice and much larger rats tend to favor our homes and offices as they seek shelter and forage for food. Both types of rodents are incredibly intelligent creatures that live in cooperative families. They also multiply quickly.


Getting a rodent infestation under control is a complex problem that is beyond the scope of many home and business owners. Yet, it is important to keep a rodent invasion under control.


If left to thrive and multiply, rodents on your property can:


Rat Removal and Rodent Control in & near San Bernardino & Rialto, CA

  • Cause structural damage
  • Spread communicable diseases
  • Cause fires by chewing through electrical wires
  • Exacerbate allergies in those sensitive to rodents

Both rodents may look similar, but it is important to know the difference.

San Bernardino Mice Control

These rodents are small and weigh only about an ounce or so. The bodies tend to be found with short tails and the droppings are small and slender.


Rats, on the other hand, can weigh up to fourteen ounces. The babies of the species can often pass for a mouse, but their bodies are long and sleek. Even fat ones will have longer bodies than their smaller rodent cousins. The tails of the species are longer than their bodies and heads combined, and their droppings are double the size of mouse droppings, identified as often fat and round in shape.

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Ridding your home or business of rodents of all kinds is never easy. Mice tend to be curious creatures and are open to exploring their environments. Rats, on the other hand, are very cautious and will hide rather than explore.


Both types of rodents also eat different things. Rats eat grains, nuts and seeds, and generally won’t accept new food sources. Some won’t even eat meat the first time it’s offered.


Mice, on the other hand, will try anything right away, even new foods.


This variation in species can complicate matters when it comes to baiting and trapping the rodents found on your property.


Not only will the bait be different when catching either rodent, but the location of the bait is important. For example, a mouse may nest very close to its food sources and only explore within a ten to thirty-foot area. Conversely, a rat can move over a hundred feet beyond its home territory.


When you suspect you have a rodent invasion, it is important to react quickly. Call Exile Termite and Pest Control and get the best pest control services, just like you deserve, in the areas of San Bernardino, Rialto and Fontana, California.


We can help you identify the type of rodent you are dealing with and will set the correct sizes and types of traps to eradicate your problem for good.


We can also seal up any loose areas of your home to protect your home from an invasion of mice or rats in the future.


Call now and tell us about your rodent control problem and we’ll give you an honest quote for a fast and safe solution.

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