Bee Removal & Wasp Control in & near San Bernardino, CA

Flying insects like bees and wasps can ruin your outdoor fun, cause damage around your home, and some can even pose health risks to your friends and family. You should never let a bee or wasp infestation thrive. Instead, call Exile Termite and Pest Control for a free and honest quote. We’ll arrive promptly to eradicate your bee and wasp problem fast.

San Bernardino Bee Removal

different types of bees and wasps

Bees come in several different species and each one poses a different threat to families and property owners. These include the honeybee, carpenter bee and bumblebee. Each one poses a different threat to your property and family.


Honeybees can become aggressive once they have honey to protect. Bumblebees possess a venom that can lead to life-threatening anaphylactic shock in people sensitive to bees, and carpenter bees can cause expensive wood damage in and around your home.


Exterminating a bee infestation is of great importance to protect your loved ones and property. We have unique bee control solutions that can void your property of pesky bees for the long-term.

Beware of Bee Honey

We’re all familiar with the sweet, gooey honey that honeybees make. Other bees, such as bumblebees, make a honey that is not edible for humans. However, whether it can be eaten or not, all bee honey can attract rodents and other insects.


It is important to act fast when you notice a bee infestation so that we can protect your family and property for years to come.

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Wasp Extermination in Rialto, CA

Wasps or Paper Wasps are shiny and smooth carnivorous insects that eat other bugs, spiders and caterpillars, making them beneficial predators. Since wasps eat meat, they may be attracted to food in and around your home.


Wasps construct comb-shaped nests using a mixture of saliva and plant materials, giving them a paper-like appearance. Wasps are not typically aggressive, but they will sting to protect their nests if threatened. Common areas to look for wasp nests include ceilings, attic rafters, porches, door frames, and shrubs.


If you see wasps or notice their nests, we have the wasp control solutions to suit your needs.

Eradicating Bees and Wasps from Your Property

While these flying insects can be beneficial to the environment, a single sting can quickly ruin your day. Get the pest control services you need by calling Exile Termite and Pest Control right away. We proudly serve the areas of San Bernardino, Rialto and Fontana, California, and we look forward to serving you.


We offer one-time, monthly and quarterly pest control services. Call now to get help from our pest control experts and have bee removal and wasp control services as soon as possible.

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