Bed Bug Control in & near San Bernardino, CA

These vampiric insects are one of the most troublesome household pests. A single pregnant female can lay up to 1000 new eggs in three months. In six months, your infestation could grow to 13,000 healthy adult bed bugs or more. Not a very pleasant thought, is it?


This is why the DIY approach to pest control is ill-advised. Unless you tackle the complete problem the first time around, you will only find yourself quickly reinfested.


Whether you notice bed bugs, or you suspect an infestation, we encourage you to call the best pest control team in San Bernardino, California. Exile Termite and Pest Control will arrive on your property fast to provide you with safe, effective, and thorough pest control solutions.


Our experienced exterminators use only eco-friendly chemicals and the most advanced techniques to rid your home of these pesky pests for maximum and long-term protection.

What Does a Bed Bug Infestation Look Like?

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These insects are characterized by their small, flat, oval-shaped bodies. They are about 4 to 5mm in length and feed on human blood. Despite many myths that people believe about bed bugs, the insects do not jump, nor do they fly; although the adults of the species do have wing vestiges that never fully develop.


They tend to be brownish in color, but they can take on a reddish hue after feeding. They prefer human blood as opposed to blood from pets or other animals, and their name comes from their tendency to feed on people while they’re sleeping. The bites are raised and itchy with a clear center.

How Do You Begin Bed Bug Control?

These bloodsuckers are sneaky critters. They tend to hide in dark areas like the crevices between your mattress, inside your furniture, rugs, and linens. Many times, you can look for their fecal matter smeared between your mattress and box spring. Regardless, we offer free home or office inspections and can root out your bed bug problem fast, no matter how small or large the colony happens to be.


Our technicians are experienced and trained to identify an infestation and will check every area of your home. If necessary, our team utilizes special tools to check inside cracks, crevices, and other tight spots. If you have an infestation, we’ll find and eradicate it fast.

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Bed Bugs Can Infest Any Home or Office


There is a misconception that having an infestation means that you are somehow unclean. This isn’t the case at all. While they are transported from person to person, they are most often collected while traveling and can be brought home in your luggage, purse, gym bag, and any other items that were kept close to an infested sleep area.


Hotel rooms can be a common means of transmission of bed bugs, but the insects do not discriminate. The insects have infested offices, retail stores, gyms, apartment buildings, and homes.


Bed Bug Infestations Require Professional Pest Control Services


Because of the rapidity with which these insects replicate, it is necessary to get the help of our experienced pest control specialists. Only with a comprehensive inspection and treatment protocol can you hope to rid your property of bed bugs for good.


For homeowners and office owners around San Bernardino, Rialto and Fontana, California, we encourage you to call Exile Termite and Pest Control, where we have several treatment options for your convenience.


We can come out for a one-time treatment or we can do monthly or quarterly treatments. We work around your schedule and show up promptly to get the job done the first time around.


When you have bed bugs, we have solutions. Call us now and receive a free quote.

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