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These tiny insects are amazing social creatures that live in complex colonies. Segmented and sporting “feeler” antennae, the creatures have a short lifespan, but some species can live for decades. Healthy adult queens can lay up to eight-hundred eggs in a single day. Over their lifetimes, they can spawn millions of young.


Don’t let all those ants invade your home. If you’ve seen one, many more may live nearby. To keep your infestation under control, we recommend you act fast. Call Exile Termite and Pest Control to request a free quote in San Bernardino, Rialto and Fontana, California.


How to Rid Your Property Of An Ant Infestation in & near Rialto?

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The colonies of these insects consist of one or more egg-laying queens that are protected by an army of workers and soldiers.


The workers forage for food and keep the colony alive while the soldiers protect the nest and queen from invaders. Ant colonies can vary in populations from several thousand to millions or more, depending on their size, species, the nest location, and other factors.


If you notice a colony in or around your home, you may have others on your property or a neighbor’s property. That’s because a single colony can be connected to one or more satellite colonies in nearby yards or homes, making your problem even worse than you suspect.


To ensure ants know where to go, the insects have the ability to leave a pheromone trail for their fellow colonists to follow. All it takes is a few buddies picking up this trail for you to get an army of insects invading your home.


Because the colonies and satellites can be so populous, killing a few of the insects or even a single colony may not be enough.


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Keep Ants Out With The Help Of Our San Bernardino Ant Control Experts!


When you see a single insect or signs of a colony, we can help. No problem is too big or small for our ant control experts. As licensed and trained technicians, they use specialized techniques to locate every colony location that exists in and around your property. Some colonies can stretch deep underground, but our tools and processes can root them out and eradicate them for good.


Our safe, eco-friendly solutions will control your pest infestations for good, guaranteed. Depending on how available their food sources, these insects can live for a few days or years. Some may live for much longer. It is important to act quickly the moment you notice an infestation of any kind. One ant or a few, we can show up fast to offer the best ant control services you’ll ever find throughout the San Bernardino area.


Ongoing Protection for Long-Lasting Ant Control in & near San Bernardino, CA


We don’t rest until your pest problem is taken care of altogether. We provide extended protection against all species and colonies. Our pest control solutions are safe for you and your family and are guaranteed to get rid of your pest problem for the long-term.


If you live in San Bernardino, Rialto or Fontana, California, we encourage you to call Exile Termite and Pest Control. We offer one-time, monthly and quarterly control solutions for your convenience. Call now and tell us about your ant problem. We will arrive promptly to give you a free quote.

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