Monthly Pest Extermination Services in & near San Bernardino, CA

Exile Termite and Pest Control offers monthly pest extermination services for residential and commercial property owners throughout San Bernardino, California.

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San Bernardino Monthly Pest Extermination – $99 Startup Fee + $39/Month

The applications for monthly pest extermination services can vary. Some common ones include:


Hotels and Apartment Buildings: Travelers coming and going and high concentrations of residential units can lead to infestations of roaches, bed bugs, termites, and fleas; among many others. Instead of waiting for customers and tenants to complain, get monthly extermination services for maximum protection and protect your property for all types of pests inside and out.


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Residences in Wooded Areas: These abodes are attractive for fleas, ants and ticks seeking shelter, as these insects are indigenous to heavily wooded environments. While it is true that your home is encroaching on the pests’ territory, our services will keep all insects, spiders, and rodents at bay. Let us inspect your property. We can even look for and patch up holes in your infrastructure to prevent future invasions.


Homes and Businesses Near Farmlands: If there are fields of crops nearby, your home may become infested with insects and pests who are driven away by pesticides. These pests will be looking for a fresh food supply, which leads them to invade your home or office. Our eco-friendly monthly treatments ensure your home or office is fortified against a pest invasion of any kind.


Some Homes Require Special Attention


If your home is adjacent to a lake, wooded area or mountain range, your property may be prone to high volumes of insect traffic. Our monthly pest control solutions are designed to eradicate roaches, ants, water bugs, crickets, earwigs, bed bugs and spiders.


However, no job is too big or small. Our technicians are experienced with all kinds of pests and offer safe and effective solutions for the long-term.


We care about your safety and customer satisfaction. For that reason, we guarantee that your property will remain pest-free for up to one-year or longer. This requires diligent work on our part and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We can eradicate your pest problem. All you have to do is give us a call.

How Do Monthly Pest Extermination Services Work?

Please be aware that our monthly services require a $99 startup fee and then cost $39 per month from that point forward. The monthly plan must be paid in advance for the span of one year.


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