Have spiders entered into your home? Use these effective methods to remove these eight-legged creepy-crawlies from your property.

How Do You Get Rid of Spiders?

Does the sight of spiders make you run out of home? Whether you are scared of these eight-legged creepy crawlies or not, their presence can create sanitation issues in your homes or offices.


Nobody likes to see spiders scuttle around in their room or leave cobwebs in different corners of the house. Thankfully, there are various ways to get rid of spiders and prevent future spider infestation. It is always advisable to use those ways that don’t cause any harm to spiders – or you. If you spiders have entered your home and you are not sure how to kill spiders or keep them out, keep on reading. In this article, we are going to discuss the best ways for spider removal as well as different types of spiders and what brings them into your home.

Types of Spiders

One type of spider


According to arachnologists, there are around 160,000 different species of spiders all around the world. You must have seen spiders in horror movies and experienced how their sight makes you feel.


Spiders scare people because of their appearance and the way they move and how they catch their prey. Thankfully, you don’t have to be afraid of spiders because almost all the species of spiders that are found in the United States are harmless. Majority of the species of spiders don’t bite – unless they sense danger. House spiders don’t do any harm or pose any threat, apart from being nuisance pests. Though the color of the house spider may vary, most of them are yellowish-brown in color. This spider species is quite common and found worldwide.


Most of the spiders are very calm and kind, except the black widow and black recluse. There are various other species each of which has its own unique appearance and is found in a specific geographical region. Other common species of spiders include wolf spiders, long-bodied cellar spiders and jumping spiders. Each of these can pose a certain level of threat to humans.


Removal of poisonous spiders requires additional care and attention. If any of these species of spiders has entered and invaded your property, you should seek the help of a pest control expert.

Why Spiders Enter into the Home

Presence of spiders is a common pest problem that many homeowners face from time to time. But have you ever wondered what it is that attracts spiders into people’s homes and offices and other spaces?


Most importantly, where do spiders come from?


Spiders head towards your home for multiple reasons. Change in weather is a common reason which brings spiders into home as they start looking for mates. Spiders will enter your home if they consider it a safe habitat. Source of food or a certain kind of odor are other reasons that can attract spiders to your homes. Exterior lights also attract a lot of insects and pests. You must have noticed cobwebs around light fixtures in your or someone else’s home. Pests and insects that feed on plants and leaves also attract spiders due to their presence.


In fact, all those places, whether indoor or outdoors, where insects can thrive and hide are likely to attract spiders. Ticks, fleas, aphids and scales – all such insects and pests offer a delicious treat for spiders.


You’ll be surprised to know that most of the spiders that you see in your homes don’t enter from outside. In fact, 95% of house spiders take birth and grow inside the home itself. So, how does this happen? Egg sacs of spiders come into your home when you bring in items and stuff which carry them. While you may think otherwise, most spiders grow, mate and multiply inside your home.

Ways to Get Rid of House Spiders

The best way to rid your house of spiders is to first catch them and then release them outside, away from the house. There is a popular DIY technique that you can use for the removal of spiders. Just get a jar or a glass. Use it as a trap and catch the spider under the container. Once you have trapped the spider, skillfully slip a paper under the jar and then flip it. Release the trapped spider outside. In this way, you can get rid of the spider in your home without killing it.


However, there are many other safer ways to get rid of house spiders and prevent future infestation of spiders in your house.


Keep Your House Clean: Lack of cleanliness helps the growth of spiders. If you plan to keep spiders out, you should regularly clean all the areas of your house as well as remove the clutter. Even if spiders are already present in your house and they have a place to hide and mate, cleaning and decluttering will kill the spiders and remove them from the house. Don’t forget to dust and vacuum the house on a regular basis to keep spiders out in future.


Move Things Away from Exterior Walls: Don’t give spiders any chance to move into the home from outside. Take a closer look at the exteriors of your house, particularly the walls and anything that touches it. Are their branches, leaves or vegetation that touch the exterior walls of your house. If there are, this could make it easy for spiders to crawl into your home. Likewise, check all the doors and windows for cracks and gaps through which spiders can crawl in.


If you find cracks or gaps, seal them up properly to keep house spiders out. If the window screens have been torn due to long use, replace them with new ones. Keep the vents and chimneys properly covered too.


Grow Eucalyptus: Planting eucalyptus as a houseplant indoors or as a tree outside the house in the garden is a useful way for the removal of spiders. Eucalyptus trees are well-known for their excellent medicinal properties all over the world. These trees have a distinct type of smell. The scent is pungent and sharp, and spiders don’t like it. That is exactly why you should grow eucalyptus in your home. This is a natural way to get rid of spiders, without killing them.


Two alternatives to the eucalyptus tree are mint and lavender. If a eucalyptus tree is too tall to grow in the limited space of your home, you can also grow either mint or lavender to rid your house of spiders.


Keep the Pet Food Covered: Often, homeowners leave the pet food open. When the pet food is open, it will attract flies and bugs. In turn, the buzzing flies and other bugs will attract spiders into the home. If you plan to prevent the entry of spiders into the house, you should make it a habit to keep all the pet food covered. Use plastic boxes to keep the pet food properly covered.


Turn off the Outside Lights: When you want to prevent the entry of spiders and avoid infestation of spiders, you should remember to turn off the outside lights. Lights don’t attract house spiders, but they do attract the insects that spiders feed on. Also, don’t let the indoor lights shine through the windows. There are opaque blinds available to keep the indoor lights from shining outside.


Use Essential Oils: Whether you want to remove spiders indoors or outdoors, using natural repellants is a good idea. Due to their sharp smell, essential oils do a great job of keeping spiders out. Get a spray bottle and fill it with water. Then, add 10-15 drops of essential oil to the water. Now, spray this non-toxic liquid around the house and the scent of this liquid will keep spiders away.

Use a Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Spider Control Methods

Spider Control Methods


When you want to get rid of spider infestation as well as prevent spiders from coming into your home in future, you should apply both the indoor and outdoor spider control methods. If spiders are entering your home from vegetation outside the window or from cracks and crevices in the wall, you need to eliminate the infestation source for permanent removal of house spiders.


It is crucial to abolish the favorable conditions that support the growth of house spiders and lead to infestation in the house. In fact, this is the first most important step in the process of spider removal.


The presence of insects inside the house or in areas attached to the house will continue to attract spiders, if these food sources are not eliminated. There are different types of insecticides that can be used to kill insects as well as spiders. For more details on the use of insecticides concentrates and aerosols and routine insecticide treatment, you should talk to a pest control expert.

Be Careful When You Remove the Egg Sack

When trying to remove spiders, you may come across spider eggs in different areas of the home. Look for these egg sacks close to the windows or door frames. If you spot an egg sack, remember to handle it with great care.


Even a small egg sac will contain hundreds of baby spiders at the least. The number of the baby spiders could be more. The baby spiders can break out the egg sac any moment. If you don’t handle the sac with care, you may run the risk of dealing with a full-scale spider infestation. So, be very careful when removing the egg sack. You need to get rid of the sac in a way that doesn’t damage it or unsettle the hundreds or may be thousands of baby spiders in the sac.

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