Pest Control Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

When it comes to termite control and pest extermination, clients may have a number of questions in their minds. Asking questions is good practice. It helps people remove their doubts and understand the services better. At the Exile Exterminators, we remain keen to address all the pest control queries of our clients. If you too have questions in this regard, chances are you will find answers to those questions in the FAQ below. The list has been created based on the most common questions that we receive from clients on a regular basis. In case you can’t find any of your questions in this FAQ, feel free to talk to us directly over a phone call.

Q. Are DIY pest control efforts effective?

A. Not always. Many people try to remove and exterminate pests and termites on their own. However, due to lack of knowledge, they end up using the wrong technique and products. This results in a waste of time and money. In fact, not doing it properly can also worsen the problem even more. Using liquid chemicals and toxic ways can also put the health of your family and pets at risk. Unless you have deep knowledge of pests and experience in the removal of pests, bugs and termites, you should never try to do pest extermination on your own.

Q. Why should I hire a professional pest control company?

A. An Exile Exterminator professional is fully up-to-date with all the latest methods and products used in the removal of pests and termites. We possess deep knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide range of pests such as termites, bed bugs, roaches, rodents, mice, spiders, bees etc. We know the habits of pests, how and where they breed and multiply and what food preferences they have. Most importantly, our pest control experts employ the right techniques for every infestation and use the products in a safe and effective manner.

Q. What is the difference between baits and sprays?

A. Both baits and liquid chemicals are used to get rid of a pest infestation. However, it is important to determine which techniques will give the best results in a particular pest problem situation. If you prefer not to use liquid chemicals, we will use baits to remove pests in your home or office. Though baits are safer, they must be properly used and placed in the right locations.

Pests often carry the baits into their colonies, which may be located inside or outside the home. This is an effective way to not just remove pests and bugs, but also destroy their entire colonies.

After an inspection of your pest infestation, our experts will determine whether to use baits or liquid agents in your property.

Q. Why should I hire Exile Exterminators?

A. When it comes to pest control and termite removal, Exile Exterminators has the expertise to do the job right. Located in and near San Bernardino, CA, our service is one of the most reputed and trusted among clients. Four key features of our pest removal services are as follows:

  • Fast pest removal
  • Eco-friendly techniques
  • Proper home inspection
  • Licensed and insured

If you are in search of a pest or termite extermination service, you should head straight to Exile Exterminators. Based on our high quality of pest removal, we are termed as the best in the entire Southern California.

Q. How many treatments are needed to remove fleas, ticks and bed bugs?

A. The life cycles of all pests are not the same. The number of treatments, therefore, depend on how long the life cycle of the targeted pest species is. Pests such as fleas, ticks and bugs have longer life cycles. Many times, one treatment is not enough for such pests. In order for them to succumb completely, more than one treatment is often required. If they are in a dormant cycle, our professionals will also catch them, in addition to the treatment, for complete removal. Our goal is not just to get rid of pests, but also keep them out in future.

Q. Why do pest control services focus on the outside of a home?

A. Focusing on the outside of a home or apartment while the infestation of termites and bugs is inside surprises many clients. While you may have a pest attack inside your house, pest colonies might be located outside. During our treatment, we do not just get rid of the pests, but we also concentrate on complete removal of those pests by also destroying their colonies. That is exactly the reason why we may need to work on the outside of your home as well.

Q. What types of pest control services does your company offer?

A. We have expertise in the elimination of all kinds of pests that can enter your home in different seasons and at different times. No matter whether it is ants, bees, wasps, roaches, termites, bed bugs, crickets, spiders or any other species of bugs, you can always rely on your services for complete removal of all of them. We want you to have a pest-free and healthy living environment.

Based on your specific needs, you can hire our pest removal as a one-time service or on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Q. Is pest control management safe for my family, kids and pets?

A. Exile Exterminators is an environment-friendly company which keeps the safety of its clients above everything else. At our company, each pest control program is created on the basis of a well-defined strategy. We aim to use less amount of products and deliver the best results for our clients. The selection of all materials and pest control products is done by experts. Each one of our professionals is highly skilled and properly trained in the safe use and application of products.

Q. How soon can I expect to see results?

A. Pest infestation can be small, moderate or severe. Once our initial treatment has been performed, you will start to see results in a matter of one or two days. The reason for our fast results is the application of the right techniques and the use of the right kind of pest removal products. No matter how severe the problem is, you will notice a speedy gradual reduction in pest activity after our treatment. In case you still spot some pest activity after our treatment, give us a phone call and our professionals will perform a follow-up service for free.

Q. Do you offer a free pest control inspection?

A. Our pest control solutions are designed on the basis of the severity of your specific pest problem. For each infestation, we offer specialized treatment for the most effective and best long-term results. If you have spotted a pest activity in your home or office, give us a quick phone call or send us an email. We’ll visit your property for a free assessment of your pest issue. You can have a free consultation with our experts anytime you find it convenient for yourself. Our pest control services are available throughout Rialto, San Bernardino and Fontana, CA.

Q. Is a preventative pest management plan necessary?

A. To create a fully pest-free environment, it is not just important to control pests but also take appropriate measures to prevent infestation in future. At Exile Exterminators, we specialize in working out a comprehensive pest control plan which ensures the removal of pests at present and keeps them out in future. With the help of our experts, you can create a completely pest-free residence or business place and enjoy living in a healthy environment.