Do ants keep coming back into your kitchen? Here are some of the best solutions to get rid of these tiny, six-legged critters for good.

Ants in kitchen

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

Kitchen is a place where food is stored and prepared. Whether it is a residential kitchen or a commercial kitchen, it should always remain neat and clean. One common issue with kitchens is the entry of ants. Sugar granules and other sweet stuff can easily attract ants. Once they have found a home in your kitchen, they can create an entire colony. So, it is crucial that you keep a close watch and take action to get rid of ants as soon as they make way into your kitchen.


There are multiple steps that you can take to get rid of ants in the kitchen and keep them out in the future as well.

Why Do Ants Head into the Kitchen?

Ants can enter any area of a house. But it is the kitchen which is more likely to attract these tiny creatures. Ants move into the kitchen in search of food. They are clever enough to know where they’ll find food.


A kitchen has a variety of food items. Usually, ants live in colonies located outdoors. But the ant scout has a duty to find food. When the ant scout leaves the colony in search of food, it leaves a trail for others to follow. Once it locates food, it returns to the nest and releases more chemicals to create a stronger trail. The other ants in the nest start to follow the trail and they too reach the location of the food. Whether it is sugar grains or other stuff made from sugar or sweet spillage, ants can find it and reach it. If you don’t clean it up quickly, you’ll see a whole army of ants marching across all over the place. It will leave you wondering where all these ants came from and what is the best solution to get rid of these ants in your kitchen.

Getting Rid of the Ants

There’s no need to panic. No matter how big the army of ants in your kitchen is, you can take steps to remove them. Whether they are in food containers, on the kitchen counter top or inside sinks, you can make your kitchen completely ants-free now and forever. Read on to know how to do it.

Find and Destroy the Nest:

Find ants and Destroy the Nest


When you see ants parading in different areas of your kitchen, the very first thing to do is find where exactly they are coming from. If you only remove the ants where they are and do not track their entry point, the ants will come back again. Ants live in colonies, so you need to find where they are headed after collecting the food crumbs.


If you monitor and focus for a couple of minutes, you’ll know where they are going. Follow their movement and see where they are going. Don the detective’s hat and follow the trail. You may be able to locate where the nest is. Whether the nest is located indoors or outdoors, the purpose of finding it is to destroy it completely so that no more ants return to your kitchen. There are insecticides that you can use to kill all ants living in a nest. It is advisable to use a non-repellent insecticide or simply use some boiling water to destroy the nest.


If the nest is located in an indoor place and it is difficult for you to kill all the ants inside, you may need to use some other non-toxic chemicals or techniques. There are ant traps that you can use, as per the need of the situation. It is a good idea to seek the help of a pest removal expert for the best solution.


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    Remove the Remaining Ants:

    Now, you should get rid of the rest of ants which are still there on the kitchen countertop and roaming in other areas of the kitchen. Killing these ants is quite easy. All you need to do is prepare a soapy solution using soap and some water. Pour this solution over the ants. Once the ants have stopped moving, you can wash them away. After doing this, you should not forget to seal the point from where they were entering into the kitchen.

    Keep Food in Airtight Containers:

    Keep food away from ants


    If you want to stop ants from entering into your kitchen again, you should store away food properly. Put the food in airtight containers so that ants can’t reach them.


    Make sure all the surfaces and areas in your kitchen are clean and there are no food crumbs or spillage anywhere. Check out the inside of cabinets and the area below the cabinetry and clean properly. Do not leave the dishes and sink dirty for too long. Make it a routine to clean up immediately to reduce the chances of attracting ants and have your kitchen free from an army of ants. Throw away the waste and the trash quick and keep the lid of the bin shut at all times.


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    Use an Anti-Ant Spray:

    Natural anti-ant spray is available in the market out there. After all the ants have been removed, you should use this spray in the kitchen to stop further entry of ants. Ants don’t have the capacity to tolerate strong smells. So, this spray proves to be very effective. The smell of this spray is so hard on the ants that they lose their trail. It is not a good idea to use toxic chemicals to use for the removal of ants in the kitchen. This can contaminate food and compromise the safety and health of your family. Always use natural anti-ant spray or prepare a natural spray at home. You can use organic home pest control spray, which is for specific use in the kitchen. This spray is made with safe, natural ingredients.

    Use Natural Deterrents:

    To get rid of ants, you can use many items that you already have in the kitchen. Salt, curry powder and pepper are some natural stuff that keep ants away. But you need to be careful while using these items. You’ll never want your kids to accidently put curry powder or pepper in their nose or eyes. So, just make sure your kids can’t reach them. Citrus essential oil is yet another natural item that can stop ants in the kitchen. Just soak a couple of cotton wool balls in the essential oil and place them in the corners of the kitchen.


    Vinegar is also a natural and effective ant killer. If you want to kill an army of ants or destroy an entire nest, use vinegar. If you plan to use it as a natural deterrent, just dilute it and use it where you want.

    Make Your Kitchen an Ant-Free Zone

    got rid of all the ants in your kitchen


    Once you have got rid of all the ants in your kitchen, you should also make sure your kitchen remains ants-free. There are simple things that you can do on a regular basis to keep away ants.


    Keep your kitchen and all its surfaces and areas clean. Particularly, you need to clean up those things that can attract ants. After food preparation is over, give the countertop a good cleaning. Ensure there are no food crumbs or leftovers on any surface. Use cleaners for proper cleaning of all areas. Don’t forget to check out the cabinet and keep it free from any kind of spillage.


    All the food items in the kitchen should be covered. After eating, remove the leftovers and throw away the waste. Standing water can also attract ants as well as other tiny critters and pests. Keep an eye out for the same. If there is water or any kind of spillage somewhere, get it cleaned quickly.


    Stop being lazy and don’t let waste or garbage accumulate for several days or weeks in the kitchen. It is a good habit to take the trash out every other day so that there are no chances of getting ants or other pests. If your kitchen has been affected by intrusion of ants in the past, take steps so that it doesn’t happen again. Mark out the entry points and close them completely or coat them with ant repellant. If there are spots from where water leaks in your kitchen, get it fixed immediately. Infestation is almost impossible in a clean and well-maintained kitchen.


    Does the branch of a tree or a bush touch your kitchen? Ants often build nests in a garden. Do some inspection and see if the branch of a tree or a shrub is enabling ants to easily enter your kitchen. If that is the reason for ants infestation, it is time for you to do some trimming.

    Talk to Pest Extermination Experts Now!

    Have you tried all these techniques and ants keep coming back to your kitchen? If you can’t deal with pest infestation on your own, you should get in touch with a termite control and pest extermination service to get the job done by experts. There are many types of pests and there are various solutions for their removal as well. An experienced professional will conduct an inspection of your kitchen, identify the species of ants that have caused the infestation and come up with the most effective solution to make it an ant-free zone. They’ll get rid of the pest problem before it becomes worse and causes more trouble for you and your family.


    Based in San Bernardino, CA, Exile Termite and Pest Control offers highly effective pest solutions for all your needs. Give us a quick call or shoot us an email right away to schedule a free consultation.

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