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Exile Termite and Pest Control is a premium pest services company serving the areas of San Bernardino, Rialto and Fontana, California.


Since our inception, we have strived to be the best, affordable and most effective pest & termite control service in the general area. We remain dedicated to providing the safest means of eradicating pests while maintaining the highest levels of customer service.


We Believe the Customer Comes First


Our experienced exterminators care about your family, health, and personal satisfaction with the pest & termite control services we offer. We consistently research new methods of controlling pests like termites, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, roaches, and others. This allows us to remain at the top of our industry while delivering the quality services you need to rid your property of pesky bugs for good.


We Remain at the Forefront of Pest Control Technology


The industry has changed greatly over the years. While DDT and Chlorinated Hydrocarbon became the gold standard years ago, new chemical advancements have allowed for safer pest control compounds. This is good news for your family and our experienced pest control technicians. The solutions we use are friendly to the environment and sustainable, which keeps your property free of pests while protecting our local ecosystems.

About Owner and Operator, Brian Goins Ph.D.

Pest Control Expert, Brian Goins

Pest Control Expert in & near San Bernadino, CA

Brian got his start in the pest control industry back in 1982. In those days, it wasn’t very easy to get into the industry. An 8-hour exam was required, which contained eight sections. To pass, you had to score 70% or greater on each section. Even if you scored a 69% on one section, but passed all seven of the others, you still failed and had to take the test all over again.


It took Brian four attempts, but he eventually and successfully completed the test. That was over 35 years ago. Today, Brian remains passionate about the pest control industry and continues his education to remain the topmost authority in his field in the state of California and beyond.


In his personal life, Brian has been married to his wife Ruthie for over 44 years. He has eight children, 20 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. As you can tell, Brian is a family man and understands the vast importance of family, friends, and customers.


Brian has been a Chaplain for over 20 years with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and holds both a Doctorate Degree in Counseling and a Structural Pest Control License in branch 2 and 3.



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